St. Patrick Cemetery Rules and Regulations

Divine Grace Parish/St. Patrick Cemetery Rules and Regulations


For the preservation and enhancement of the Cemetery, the following rules should be respectfully observed.


  1. Only current registered and active members of Divine Grace Parish are allowed to purchase cemetery lots in St. PatrickCemetery.


  1. After purchasing right of burial on a lot in St.Patrick Cemetery, the right of burial on said lot may NOT be sold on the open market.  It must be sold back to Divine Grace Parish at the original purchase price.


  1. Lot owners must immediately notify the Parish Office upon a change of address so that proper records may be kept.


  1. In case of the death of a lot owner, the heirs must immediately notify the Parish Office so that succession of ownership may be properly recorded.  This must take place within a period of ONE YEAR from the date of the lot    owner’s death.  If succession of ownership is not recorded within a period of ONE YEAR, then lot ownership reverts back to the Parish.  Please note that a burial will not take place in the Parish Cemetery if ownership or succession of ownership is unable to be sufficiently determined by the Parish Office.


  1. Only two interments per cemetery lot will be allowed.  The two burials may consist of one casket and one cremation urn, or two cremation urns.  Cremation urns will be placed in front of an existing marker (if one is present), and the urn will be buried with a minimum of 18 inches of top soil.


  1. A major spring and fall clean up to remove winter blankets and flowers will be done two weeks before Easter and the last  two weeks of October.  If you wish to keep anything from the grave site, please remove it before clean up time.


  1. No planting by lot owners or digging of any kind on the lot, or bordering the foundation with small stones is allowed.  Fresh potted flowers, grave blankets, vigil lights, fresh cut or artificial flowers (which must be in above ground containers) are allowed at anytime.  No glass or cans are  allowed in the cemetery.  Due to the difficulty involved in cemetery maintenance, we ask that you please limit the number of items placed on the grave of your loved one.  The parish reserves the right to remove any item not permitted, or  any item which may be deemed anti-Christian, or anti-Catholic in nature.


  1. Trees and shrubs of any kind are to be planted or removed only in designated areas by the Parish cemetery staff.


  1. Only flat or slant markers are permitted in St. PatrickCemetery   #3, no monuments are allowed.  These are to be a maximum of 14 inches  wide X 24 inches long  x 22 inches high for a single marker, and 14 inches wide X 48 inches long X 22 inches high for a double marker (including the base).  All markers are to be at the foot (South) end of the grave.  The casket will be at the top (North) eight feet.  Anyone wishing a foundation installed      for a grave marker must contact the rectory office at (734-654-2500).


  1. Only one burial marker is permitted per grave, unless the second marker is a ground level government marker or a ground level marker indicating a cremation urn.  The second marker is to be placed in front of (to the North of) the first marker.  The size will be a maximum of 12” x 12”,and we are not liable for damage.


  1.  Cemetery makers which are stolen or vandalized are not covered by St. Patrick Cemetery  insurance.  Cemetery makers are considered personal  property and should be covered by you personal homeowner’s insurance policy.


  1.  All burials of adults and children require a vault except cremations and baby burials.


  1. Any policy change needed will be taken care of by the Cemetery Committee.


  1.  The above rules and regulations are effective July 1st, 2000.




In addition to the above guidelines, the following are also in effect for the new section of #3 cemetery.


  1. All  cemetery lots will be sold in a sequential orderly fashion, allowing greater ease of record keeping in the parish office.  Cemetery lots will not be sold according to personal preferences for certain locations.
  2. The  placement of markers in the new section must follow the above guidelines  with these changes.  All markers in  the new section must have a cement foundation which shall be 6 inches deep and flush with ground level, and the cement foundation must extend 4 inches beyond the edge of the grave marker.  This allows for uniformity of markers, easier maintenance of grounds, and prolongs the stability of the grave marker.  To have a marker installed  in the new section, you must call the Rectory Office at (734-654-2500) so that we can arrange for the installation of the cement foundation.  The cost of this foundation will be the responsibility of the lot owner.